Windows Error Code 0xc0000034

How to Fix Windows Error Code 0xc0000034?

Did you open your Windows device and find a blue screen in front of you, with the Error code  0xc0000034 and a message stating that the ‘Boot Configuration Data file is missing’. Most users encounter this irritating blue screen of death problems on their Windows devices.

Windows error code 0xc0000034 message may appear due to the hard drive’s bad sectors, unauthorized installation, damaged/misconfigured/missing BCD (boot files) or due to some other hardware or software compatibility issues. If you are witnessing the same problem, then don’t worry your sufferings end here. Read on to know how to deal with error code 0xc0000034.

Repair your Windows error 0xc0000034 by yourself:

Step 1: Boot your Windows with Windows Media Installation

If you face this error on your Windows XP/VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 device, then repairing the BCD of your device is one of the best solutions to fix Windows error code 0xc0000034. Repair your Windows by following the steps mention below.

  • First, insert the boot DVD or installation USB in your device and start it.
  • Then instruct your computer to boot from the installation disk (not from the hard drive) or you can press the F8 key frequently to choose the correct boot device.
  • Next, you will be navigated through the startup menu
  • Hit the ‘Next’ button and then select the ‘Repair your computer’ option
  • On the next screen, select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option and then hit the ‘Advance Option’
  • After that, look for the ‘Command Prompt’ and select it
  • Now you are required to type the following commands in the prompt screen
  • First, type ‘bootrec/fixmbr’ and press ‘ENTER’ key
  • Then, type ‘bootrec/fixboot’ and press ‘ENTER’ key
  • After that, type ‘bootrec/scanos’ and press ‘ENTER’ key
  • Finally, type ‘bootrec/rebuild’ and press ‘ENTER’ key
  • Once you are done with typing commands, allow commands to run before removing the installation USB or DVD.
  • Your Windows error code 0xc0000034 should be repaired after this.

Step 2: Use of Antivirus or Malware program

Error code 0xc0000034 may occur due to an expired antivirus/malware software program. Follow the steps to run/install the antivirus/malware program.

  • Open your computer and check for the available download updates
  • If available, download the updates
  • Make sure that you download from reputed sites only
  • After that, check if the Windows error code 0xc0000034 is resolved, otherwise try the next step

Step 3: By removing Hardware

Attaching new hardware devices like printers, scanners, speakers, etc. can be a cause for Windows error code 0xc0000034. If you have recently added some new hardware to your computer and facing a blue screen death problem, follow the steps mentioned below to repair your device.

  • Remove all hardware devices from your computer excluding the keyboard and mouse.
  • Then restart your computer and check, if the error code 0xc0000034 is fixed.

If you have tried all steps and still unable to resolve your blue screen problem, you can call our Microsoft Customer Support team for quick assistance.

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